Supply chain

Masterpieces of taste, from irreplaceable ingredients

Latteria Sociale Mantova can count on an avant-garde production system, where tradition and innovation work in synergy to create safe, genuine and certified products. Its quality best represents the most authentic tastes of the Mantuan territory.

The Grana Padano we produce is an Italian cheese under Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), and all fundamental steps of the production process (raising and milking of the cows, collecting the milk, cheese creation, aging, packaging and grating) take place at the area of origin.


It all begins with feeding the cows, which are given only carefully selected fodder that is made up mostly of hay from the long-duration pastures of Parco del Mincio, north of Mantua. These permanent pastures are managed with a technique that dates back to the Middle Ages, and they do not undergo ploughing or tilling. They are left to grow spontaneous vegetation, in order to produce excellent hay and fodder. This gives them an ideal nutritional value for the growth of the herds, so that the animals can produce superior quality milk.


Once milk has been collected, the delicate phase of production begins.
After having carried
out careful analysis controls, in compliance with company self-monitoring (HACCP protocol), production continues in three modern cheese factories.
Here after receiving the milk, and following up the rising of the cream, the cheese formation in copper pots, and the brining, the cheese undergoes a long aging process under storage in the warehouses. During this stage the wheels are carefully monitored and selected through tapping and high quality control.



The suitable wheels are then stamped with the Grana Padano mark and made available for sale in whole rounds, or packed and grated in various formats within the two technologically-advanced packaging and grating centres.

Thanks to our cutting-edge machinery, over the last 30 years we have increased our production from 16 to 180 million litres of milk per year, producing 380,000 wheels of Grana Padano annually.

The LSM group also markets secondary products deriving from the aforementioned process, such as concentrated whey and the cream that has risen.



Tradition, quality and transparency since 1929

Everything had its beginning in Mantua, in 1929. Today, continuing a work that honours tradition, Latteria Sociale Mantova has become a production hub of the highest calibre.