LSM absorbs Caseificio Santa Maria Formigada


Since 1st January 2015 Latteria Sociale Mantova owns and manages the Caseificio Santa Maria Formigada, based in Bagnolo San Vito (MN).

The company works  30,000 tons of milk and produces 70,000 Grana Padano wheels/year.

This will help LSM to increase its commercial network and significantly improve its capability to meet the customer demand on a world basis.

A historical overview
The dairy plant of Santa Maria Formigada locates besides an old Etruscan settlement (Forcello), where the landscape has been constantly adjusted by the hand of man, in order to allow the population to practice a more sustainable agritcultural activity.

In the vicinity, we can find the ancient and glorious village of Andes, birthplace of the maximum lyrical poet Virgilio, whose refined epic works centred on pastoral and bucolic themes have become essential part of worldwide literature.

Here land, water (the Mincio river flows into the Po, along with its tributaries), and nature itself merge together in a quiet and graceful rural scenery, providing the best environment for the production of MN 473, a Grana Padano much alike Parmigiano Reggiano. Same attitude, same strength in taste.

As a consequence of this important heritage, LSM Group continues to be committed to pursue an even more superior quality of its products. This is granted by an incredible variety of forage in a restricted area, and by the careful attention to the well-being of the cattle.